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Date:  1950’s

Maker:  Jens Risom Design Inc.

PRICE JUST REDUCED. Was $643 per chair. Now $218 per chair. You save $425 per chair.

These dining chairs, by Jens Risom, are quintessential pieces for any MCM collector.  In original condition, the upholstery and wood are quite vibrant.  The armchairs feature elbow jut-outs on the armrests and the signature unique fold-over fabrication/ upholstery with button details are present and in good condition on all chairs.

Barry Harwood, curator of decorative arts at the Brooklyn Museum, shared that "Risom’s work is a vital link between contemporary Scandinavian design and mid-20th-century design in the United States."

It is so forward thinking when you realize how predictive Jens Risom Design Inc.'s company philosophy was.  Their original vision was that they wanted to have their pieces do credit to the company years from now; as much as it did at the time of purchase.  That vision has certainly come to fruition as pieces are prized by collectors and continue to increase in value each year.

Jens Risom Design Inc. prided themselves on having complete responsibility for their designs from the drawing board right through to their manufacture and distribution.  Which may explain why their quality stands out in the many furniture options within the MCM realm.

The painstaking construction of vintage Risom pieces is one reason for their popularity among collectors, according to Christine Miele, co-principal of the Manhattan design gallery reGeneration Furniture “They’re so solid,” she says. “They really hold up. The thickness of the wood is unusually generous, and the joinery is peerless.” ... He also designed wonderful upholstered seating.  Risom’s work can be an anchor piece in any room.  He nailed it.”

In my view, Jens Risom was a fascinating, well spoken, classy, and creative man who loved the practicality and beauty of good design.  This is reflected in his own words when he said, “Good design means that anything good will go well with other equally good things.” 

It is all summed up by the tagline of their ads from the 50's which said, "The answer is Risom."  I think you'll absolutely love these chairs!

The wood may be cherry? maple? birch?  I am uncertain.


All chairs retain their original finish which does have imperfections with age, which I love (nicks, scratches).  There are signs of wear and use, with some fading to the upholstery and marks on the feet and frames.  All expected condition considering age and use.


Armchairs:  21" W x 22" D x 31" H

Sidechairs:  19" W x 22" D x 31" H, Seat height: 17.75"

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