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Date:  Mid Century Vintage

Maker:  Unknown

A Danish Modern draw leaf dining table.  This is one of the largest and most beautiful teak draw leaf tables I have ever seen.  The teak is a lovely red and the flaming in the grain is a showstopper.  It seats 10-12 when extended and a roomy 6-8 when folded closed.  This piece features a rectangular top with teak construction.  It has two draw leafs and rests on four tapered legs. Unmarked.

The workmanship is pure genius under the table with a unique slider system that hides the leafs or extends them as needed (no storage space required).

The leafs have not been oiled, so there is very little color differentiation between the main body and the extensions (which is exciting).


Very good vintage condition.  No scratches.  This table is in original condition and shows very nicely.  It is my favourite table in the collection.  There is one blemish along the center bar and one slight stain to the left leaf that is barely noticeable.  Tip:  Just go slow when pulling out the leafs and they line up perfectly.  If you rush, they don't line up, so be patient.  :) 


62" L x 29.5" H x 40" D (main body of the table)

Each leaf measures 23.5" making the fully extended table 109".

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