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Maker:  Jeannette Glass Company

Details:  Atomic styling with gold rim, red squares and rectangle, gold starbursts and 

These traditional German wine glasses offer a classic and well known design; used to serve sweet wines from the Rhine or Moselle Region.  Famous for their signature green stems, they are found all across Germany.  They provide a distinctive look at the dinner table.


They are called "Roemer" as a dedication to the Romans who brought the wine grapes to Germany in the 4th Century.  It is derived from the latin word "roma."  It also refers to the custom of using this style of glass to toast the holy Roman Emperor.  Today, it is considered a traditional toasting glass.

Originally, the green stems came from the combination of potash and sand, from the local forest and surrounding area, that was used to make them.  Thus the stem glass name "forest glass."

The glasses are often found with grape leaves engraved on the bowls.


Excellent vintage condition.  No chips, breaks, cracks or cloudiness.  This set is in wonderful condition showing practically no wear on the pieces.


0.1 L size glasses

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