Murphy's Mid-Century Celebrates 6 Months

6 months! Thank you Calgary for embracing our kind of wonderful. January 4th marks a complete six months in Inglewood and as a business! So what better than to take a look at six of the highlights from this already incredible journey. 

The Deep Clean and Face Lift

Before we opened our doors I knew it was really special to be located in Inglewood. With over a hundred years of history as a neighbourhood, I felt a certain amount of pressure to bring it! But where to start, 1221B felt like it had seen 100 years so with the help of so many friends and family we papered the windows and got to it. Over four days we painted, we replaced some of the finishes, we scrubbed and cleaned and cleaned and scrubbed. It was long days and long nights but by the end it felt like such an incredible shift. I will never forget all the people that stuck it out with me, or stopped in with food and refreshments. You helped us launch with confidence. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Staging and Presentation

How do you present so many wonderful things of all shapes and sized without looking like a garage sale? This was hard, but has become one of my favourite elements of store life. Based on your feedback and responses this continues to evolve but there have been some incredible moments. 

Those Extra Special Pieces

This is a business where you really never know what’s going to come through the door or where that next best thing is going to come from. I feel so lucky to have been able to interact with some really incredible pieces of art and design. It’s hard to choose! But here are my top 8 items from the store. With that said - we love every single item that we bring to you.

a. Jan Kuypers Table Set and Sofa, Desk

b. Frank Reenskaug RockingChair

c. Johannes Andersen Sofa and High Back Lounge Chair

d. Mauna Loa Stereo Cabinet by Westing House

e. Steel and Teak Shelving Unit

f. Eero Saarinen Executive Arm Chairs for Knoll

g. Royal Holland Pewter Coffee, Tea, Cream and Sugar Set


h. RS Associates Gossip Bench

The Collaborations 

I have no problem saying that there are some incredible people in the vintage community doing great things. I firmly believe in building our community up and I am so glad for the opportunities I’ve had to collaborate. 

Fruit Salad Furnishings:

The attention to detail, the craftsmanship the artistry: I love these two! Ryan and Dana are a husband and wife duo that are redefining what it means to be upholsterers. These two have a passion for taking mid-century and antique pieces and breathing new life into them. They offer their clients traditional services like refinishing and upholstery. There abilities are proven when you look at the pieces Murphy’s Mid-Century has hosted and sold. 

White Barn Vintage:

This mother and daughter duo saved Christmas! In all seriousness, I was so honoured to host WBVD for my first “Christmas in Inglewood” event. It went so well I hosted them all month and we were able to bring you incredible gifts and vintage entertaining/serving items. It was awesome! 

The Inglewood Business Community

It wouldn’t be right to reflect on these past six months without acknowledging my super uber cool business neighbours. Nearly100% of the businesses that surround me are independently owned. That entrepreneurial spirit that Calgary is so famous for is alive and well in Inglewood. I feel completely embraced and supported by my neighbours and I encourage you to check them all out on your next visit to Calgary’s original Main Street. 


I barely even know how to express my gratitude for your support, your feedback, your kind words and of course your business. Our space has a history, and it’s important that Murphy’s Mid-Century honours those expectations. I think in order to do that, we’re going to continue to define and refine our vision of what a mid-century and vintage store can be. Your feedback and support has been so important to that, so thank you! There are also so many people that I meet every day who have never been to the shop, which presents an exciting opportunity to create new clients and mid-century lovers!