Diekman Paintings (2) + Book

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Artist:  Diekman (Likely MCM architect Norman Diekman)

Date:  1964


  • Macedonian Principium (Blue)

  • Resonance of a Night City (Orange)

Medium:  Gouache, ink and acrylic paint mounted to paperboard

Signature:  Both are signed to the lower left

Details: This pair of mid century modern geometric abstracts depict various square, columnar, and triangular shapes. “Resonance” features warm tones of orange, gold, ochre, burnt orange, honey, and spice within a dark chocolate background. “Principium” is rendered in shades of blue, white, gold, black, and orange.  Both are vibrant and lovely pieces presented in matching geometric detailed black frames, under light tawny matting with glass, and hanging hardware to the verso. Each painting is titled and dated to the verso, underneath the frame paper.

TIDBIT:  These paintings were set aside with the book “Drawing Interior Architecture” by Norman Diekman and John Pile (a copy is included with the sale).  This little clue may mean the painting was created by Norman Diekman himself (a well known US-based MCM furniture designer and architect).

CONDITION: Both are in very good with slight discoloration to the compositions, but nothing that truly deters from the work itself.  Both have new matching frames, glass, and matting; professionally done.


  • “Principium: measures 20" W x 15" H

  • “Resonance” measures 24" W x 20" H

IF SOLD SEPARATELY: Principium (blue) is $250 and Resonance (orange) is $225 (the first one sold will include the book).

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