Pyrex Pink Daisy Open Baker Dish

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Pyrex Pink Daisy Open Baker Dish



Date:  Pattern introduced in 1956.  Manufactured from 1956-1962.  This particular dish was released in 1958.

Maker:  Corning Glass Works

Details:  Pink Daisy, also referred to as White Daisy On Pink.  #053

This is a fine example of the hard to find, undivided, Open Baker (with lid) from the "Space Saver" Casserole line.  This baker offered a new lid design that was made so items in this line could stack on top of each other, thus saving space for other storage needs.

While Pyrex had been producing solid color dishes for several years Pink Daisy was one of the first tow patterned opalware to be released using a new screen-printing process.  


One of the selling points of this new casserole dish was its clear cover. The cover was marketed for multi-purpose use, meant to be used not only as a cover, but as a trivet to protect table surfaces or even as an extra serving dish.  Who knew?


Very good.  Wonderful vintage condition.  Minimal wear to the pattern as expected for an item of this age and use.


It has a capacity of 1.5 quarts.

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